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Hi there, I'm Wen-Ling,
you can call me Lynne!

I am a product designer with over 2 years of experience diving in Human-Computer Interaction. I value human connection, vulnerability, accessibility, equity, growth, and openness. I enjoy solving difficult human problems through design.

Currently, I am working at Changs land as a product designer part-time. Previously, I worked at Sitronix and Amiccom as a digital IC product engineer, and at Yoxi as a UX associate.

Recently, I received degree in M.S. Human-Computer Interaction at ASU. As a designer with an engineering background and design skills, I am specially equipped to act as a bridge between design and developer teams. I am able to use my diverse background to make informed choices fast.

More about me...

🧠 ❤ 👁 Born with a natural inclination towards observation and empathy, complemented by an engineering background, I possess robust logical thinking skills. I adeptly combine logical thinking and keen observation to analyze situations effectively, maintaining a delicate balance. When undertaking system design, I exhibit a knack for deconstructing processes into logical components.

👁 🐣❓I have always had a curiosity about people's relationships with the world around them. With my experience as a designer working in tech companies and continuous observation, I have developed an appreciation for the interplay between arts, design, and technology. It is fascinating to see how these fields intertwine and shape the way we interact with our surroundings. From my observations, it has become increasingly apparent that design has a significant impact on our lives and influences everyone in some way.

When I am not designing, I can be found singing, jamming in bands, hiking with friends, or cooking a delicacy.

My Expertise

Strategy & Direction

Business Thinking

UI & UX Design

Front-end Development

Fun facts

Taipei is my hometown, a city known for its tight-knit community among residents

I've climbed the highest mountain in Taiwan.
(Mt. Jade which is 12,967.3 ft)

I normally jam with my band during weekends

Proud of working as the only WT whose mother tongue is not English when at school

Surreal experience of having a recital at the Organ hall

I always love to try new recipe (making peach jam)