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Piano Room

Empowering students' musical journey through accessible education
Product Designer
June - August 2023
Product Design
3 Designer, 1 Content Writer, 2 Developer
Usability testing, SWOT analysis, Focus group

Full Design Process Coming Soon!



"Have you ever been to a website, seeking something special, only to find yourself lost in a sea of unrelated information?" Picture this happening with The Donovan's Piano Room, nestled within the expansive site of The Donovan's Venom. This scenario led to a realization: The Donovan's Piano Room deserved its own stage, a dedicated website where its mission to bridge financial barriers through an engaging e-learning platform could shine distinctly. The Donovan's Piano Room provides interactive online music education targeted at K-12 students. The goal of this project was to design The Donovan’s piano room website to better communicate their unique value proposition around bridging financial barriers to music education through an engaging e-learning platform.

HMW enhance financial accessibility for aspiring musicians to ensure
a sustainable and inclusive music education platform while maintaining
high-quality content



1. Memberships access for daily/monthly/yearly users according to their need  
2. Scholarship options for those who cannot afford lessons are eligible to apply

customized & Interactive
Learning Experience

Personalized account to track orders and classes. Interactive and fun games to boost learning experience


good fast cheap

In favor of speed to market, we were tasked to design and build the piano room site referencing to the existing the Donovans Venom site.

Chasing Waterfalls

“The combination of a fixed launch date and aggressive scope created an intense environment with many coordination and time challenges.”

The main feature and launched date were decided according to stakeholders. The design and development were broken into parallel workstreams for pages. Each feature phase of the project was serialised, starting with the design mood boards and brand colors. Once each feature was designed and approved, the engineering team began the implementation. I followed by working with platform designers to translate product features for their platform’s context.


wHO'S our Target Audience

1. Students with financial constraints - Individuals from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, including students from lower-income families or those facing financial challenges.

2. Enthusiastic Learners - Varied age groups and backgrounds, but united by a passion for learning music.

Focus Group

A 30-minute focus group discussion took place to gather valuable insights into the participants' pain points, goals, and thoughts of learning instruments/musics online


Usability Testing

5 participants were participated in the testing round


Participants think communication needs improvement (content design & organized)


Participants can find the scholarship program, but think it can be put under the program tab  


1. Prices and plans to suit students schedule and goals
2.Engagement is crucial
3.Content needs to be communicative


The Framework

Having the features in mind, we moved forward by focusing on the strengths of the approach. After analyzing the strengths, it seemed logical to organize the architecture. Our proposal was to allow membership (financial constraints) to approach learning music — for free. The next challenge was to communicate to decide what content was membership ‐ eligible and how they could maximize and utilize the lessons to help them grow their interest.

style guides

The style guides were crafted to ensure a consistent site design that effectively conveys the brand's visual identity. Our goal is to enhance engagement on the learning platform by infusing a playful and vibrant atmosphere. The color palette has been thoughtfully selected to not only increase engagement but also to create a dynamic and enjoyable learning experience.

Link to Style Guides

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